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  • Tiantian Xu, Ph.D. (2024), Yonsei University, Post-doc
    Uncertainty Quantification of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem

  • Mingyu Yang, Ph.D. (2024), Samsung SDS, Senior Researcher
    Multi-GPU-based Real-time Large Eddy Simulations for Urban Thermal and Wind Environment

  • Minho Lee, M.S. (2024), Universität des Saarlandes, Ph.D student
    Bilevel-Optimized Continual Learning to Forecast Capacity Degradation of Lithum-Ion Battery


  • Wanli Yu, Ph.D. (2024), Jiangsu Ocean University, Assistant Professor
    Numerical Simulation of Underwater Explosion Phenomena within Complex Environments


  • Seongyoon Kim, Ph.D. (2024), Synopsys, Staff Engineer,
    Mult-Modal Diagnosis and Prognosis of Lithum-Ion Batteries


  • Geunwoo Oh, Ph.D. (2022), Samsung Display, Senior Researcher
    Large-eddy simulations of urban wind and thermal fields at a street scale with seasonal variations


  • Hangsoon Jung, M.S.(2022), SK On, Researcher
    Deep learning-based state of health prediction of Lithium-Ion batteries 


  • Sungyeon Kim, M.S.(2021), SK On, Researcher
    Impedance spectroscopy-based degradation characteristics analysis of lithium-ion batteries


  • Seungho Song, Ph.D.(2020), Korea Aerospace Industries  Ltd., Senior Researcher
    Modeling of air burst phenomena within complex environments after high-energy explosion 


  • Yun Young Choi, Ph.D.(2020), Samsung SDS, Senior Researcher
    Mathematical modeling and parameter identification of rechargeable batteries 


  • Junho Jang, M.S.(2020), Creatz Co. Ltd., Researcher
    Heat transfer analysis and lumped parameter thermal model to improve cooling performance of electric vehicle motor


  • Ki-Ha Kim, Ph.D.(2020), Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Senior Researcher
    Direct numerical simulation of turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection at high Rayleigh number


  • Hyunwook Park, Ph.D.(2019), Hankook Tire & Technology, Senior Researcher
    Immersed boundary method for incompressible flows with complex objects 


  • Xiang Sun, Ph.D.(2019), Ocean University of China, Assistant Professor
    POD-PCE based non-intrusive reduced-order modeling and its application to uncertainty quantification


  • Hanul Kim, M.S.(2019), KW Tech, Researcher
    Finite volume method for the time domain Maxwell's equations 


  • Kyeongmin Noh, M.S.(2018), POSTECH, Ph.D. Student
    Synthetic-eddy inflow generation method for thermally stratified stable noundary layer 


  • Xiaomin Pan, Ph.D.(2017), Shanghai University, Assistant Professor
    Decoupled monolithic projection methods for incompressible flows 


  • Soomin Chun, M.S.(2017), Ohio State University, Ph.D. Student
    Numerical simulations of chemotactic bioconvection


  • Jaewook Ahn, Post-Doc(2016-2017), Dongguk University, Assistant Professor

  • Jungsun Oh, Post-Doc(2014-2016), KICT, Senior Researcher

  • Jaemyung Kim, Post-Doc(2014-2015), Andong Nat'l Univrsity, Assistant Professor

  • Yibao Li, Post-Doc(2013-2015), Xian Xiatong University, Associate Professor

  • Seungjae Hwang, Post-Doc(2012),  KARI, Senior Researcher

  • Wonho Bae, M.S.(2012), LG Electronics, Researcher
    Simulation of flow over a cylinder in channel using multi-block IBLBM 

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